Vegan Apron - Product

Do the right thing

Use quality ingredients, cook from scratch, eat slowly and share

3 Recipes for 4 people
From £ 59.00
3 recipes to feed a family of 4.  
SAVE £7 EVERY SINGLE WEEK WHEN YOU COMMIT TO 6 WEEKS  (pause in between boxes if you like)   

Families that eat plants together, thrive together.    
-We send you the exact ingredients with organic veggies to make 3 recipes for your family.   
-All vegetables are organic.   
-We want you to eat your greens so often throw in extra veggies for good measure or extra sides.  
We are committed to protecting the planet, and encourage those who are single to still order this box and batch cook - which is more sustainable from a packaging and transportation perspective.  
There are two prices  to chose from;
£59.00 per week - saving over 10% each week when you commit to ordering 6 boxes (pause in between boxes if you like)  
£66.00  per week- no commitment, cancel anytime  

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