On the menu, choices for your next box.

Tasty , easy and ideal 

Plum & Seitan Stew

Served with jewelled couscous, this Moroccan inspired tagine uses succulent seitan and African spices to bring a truly tummy-warming wintery dish. 

Lentil Moussaka

Rich lentil red wine sauce with grilled juicy aubergines, fluffy potatoes all  smothered in bechamel sauce- three simple things layered together to make one delicious supper. 

Carrot Carroway Soup

Perfect for an easy winter night.

Tomato Vodka Penne

Vodka in pasta for kids? Maybe not for the little ones, but big kids will love this for sure. Don't worry the alcohol its fully evaporated in the cooking process and what is left is a big kick! Cashews make this pasta extra creamy and luxurious.

Mushroom & Barley

Warming and comforting - like a big hug. Served with Tempeh lardons. 


A famous Tuscan bean and bread soup that will keep you full for longer on these cold nights. Packed with lots of veg and very easy to make and oh so satisfying.

Hassleback Butternuts

These cold winter nights calls for hugs roasted butternuts with nutty red rice and greens. The delicious roast will warm you up and make you feel better about the world. 


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