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 Plant-based Recipe Boxes

From £5 per portion

Cook for the whole family or batch cook & freeze portions to eat later

3 recipes for 4 people

3 Recipe Kit Box
from £59 per box

5 recipes for 4 people

5 Recipe Kit Box
from £79 per box

Organic Fruits, Vegetables & Essentials Boxes

10 organic veg

Organic Veg Only
£26 per box

5 organic fruit & 7 organic veg

Organic Fruit & Veg
£29 per box

6 organic fruits & 14 organic Veg

Large Organic Fruit & Veg
£39 per box

3 bags of grains, 3 tins, muesli, sour dough bread, 5 herbs & spice, tofu, chocolate, milk, dates & figs, 6 organic fruits & 14 organic veg

Organic Essentials
£69 per box

What our customers say

  • Lauren Dadswell, Essex

    Vegan Apron is a life saver. I'd been searching for a food box for ages that:

    1. Wasn't expensive and had different, *interesting* vegan options
    2. Was healthy and tasted delicious
    3. My 11 year old would enjoy (a hard task!)

    Finally found this company and it's been brilliant & ticked every box. They are super friendly and helpful, the meals for the week are all put into different compartments to make it easier, the packaging is compostable (win!) and importantly, the food is UNREAL! Thank you

  • Dorota Nocun, Newcastle

    The boxes are a great value for money. I received enough fresh ingredients to make three generous meals for two people, plus extra pack of tofu and quite a few bags of snacks (which I wasn't expecting!) The recipes were very inspiring. I tried food that I would never even think of cooking before. I made gluten free vegan Yorkshire puddings, which I didn't even think was possible! Delicious food, creative recipes, tasty snacks. Vegan food at its finest. Can't wait for my next box! ❤️

  • Alex Hume, Oxford

    Vegan apron boxes make cooking so much fun! The idea that you don't have to measure everything and make sure you have all the ingredients before is great as you can just throw yourself into making it is awesome . You end up making so much though haha - took ages to eat everything

  • Robyn Tolloch

    Really enjoyed the range of recipes I got to try! Great variety and really tasty. And very helpful!

  • Silva Castellani, London

    I turned into the super chef when I had a dinner party (little did anyone know it was all laid out so simply for me). Impressed everyone with the vegan lasagne and the beer battered tofu.
    It's so nice not have to worry about shopping lists or deciding what to make. Perfect for living a busy lifestyle but also wanting to have homemade, healthy vegan dishes. It is so beautifully wrapped up as well. Thank you Vegan Apron