Vegan Meal Delivery

From £5 per portion.    

 a vegan meal delivery service

Vegan Apron is a family-focused organic recipe box / vegan meal delivery service. Our vegan meal delivery boxes start at 3 recipes for a family of 4.

 If you have a smaller household , our family boxes help those who want leftovers to either eat that week or freeze. Praise be for batch cooking. 


 Save up to 20% each week on every recipe box when you commit to 6 weeks. Boxes with 6+ recipes get a free dessert each week.

fit for the whole family

3 recipes for 4 people

Family Vegan Recipe Box
3 recipe kits

from £64

5 recipes for 4 people

Family Vegan Recipe Box 5 recipe kits

from £94

8 organic seasonal veg plus 2 organic fruit 

Just the Organic Veg
UK grown, seasonal, packaging free

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