We are about family veganism  

Vegan Apron's founder, Maxine Dawson, went vegan when she was pregnant with her first child. She started to see things from the perspective of cows in the cycle of forced pregnancy, milking and death. She then learned about the health benefits of raising vegan children and so went to work on transitioning her young family to go plant-based. She set-up Vegan Apron to help other parents help their families go vegan, eat plant-based, and enjoy home-cooked meals at the table together.


We do the right thing

The world as we know it feels unstable. Climate crisis is a key term in the news with countries burning, food insecurities, and mass extinctions. It can be easy to feel helpless. But we take action. We can do the right thing.  We vote for Mother Earth by eating a whole-foods plant-based diet because it is the one change you can introduce to drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Going vegan and making a difference is a lot easier with a weekly Vegan Apron recipe box.

We eat together

Studies show that Families who eat 5-7 meals a week together at the table are the healthiest and happiest. But work, school, and sports can easily get in the way. Vegan Apron takes the stress out of putting plant-based family meals on the family table- so you have even more time for conversation and connection. Choose 3-7 recipes a week and we do the rest.


We inspire

We all know going plant-based is best for yourself and your family. Most parents who want their family to go plant-based or vegan, find it too time-consuming to research cookbooks, complicated to weigh ingredients and a stress to find speciality ingredients at the supermarket. Vegan Apron was born for helping parents in the kitchen and for getting more vegan and plant-based dishes on the table. Enjoy!

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